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Family trouble

Uncle C. met a very nice girl while they were both attending the CIOS school (sorta like Phys. Ed. University), both top of their class, both fit and healthy. They got married, had 3 daughters, ran their own gym and fitness center. Then one day while uncle C. was waiting at a red trafficlight, he was rear-ended HARD by a distracted driver. Bang. Severe whiplash. Problem was: at that time, no one had heard of whiplashes yet and doctors gave him the wrong treatment. He now wears a special collar that he can never take off for longer than 10 minutes. Aunt M. could not cope with this. One day her husband was a fine athlete like her, the next day she was married to a disabled man. One year later they divorced, she left the business with a wad of cash. Uncle C. stayed behind, running the gym to the best of his abilities. Then he met N, who started out working behind the bar of the gym. They've been together now for about 7 or 8 years. They managed to keep the gym alive, expand it and also lead a happy life.

Yesterday N. had an appointment at the hospital. Her physician had made said appointment, having the feeling that something wasn't right on the inside. She spent a full day at the hospital, getting a full checkup. In stead of walking out again at night, she's still in there.

Aggressive lung cancer, advanced. She was rolled into surgery straight away. One third of her lungs has been removed, along with some veins to check how far it's spread. If her veins are still clean, treatment could still be possible. If it's spread ... N. might not be with us for much longer.

If there is a higher power reading this, please give my uncle a break for once. He's had enough shit for three lifetimes. Thanks.

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