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Berlin Photos

The Berlin photos are online! Click the Brandenburger Tor to enter. Just 183 photos....


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Apr. 5th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Woa, those pictures turned out pretty good. At some shots better than mine (probably because you have a steadier hand for photography.)

That chocolate cake... honestly.

The first pic of us is cute!

Did you realise that like, a lot of couples tend to photograph themselves in front of everything? We only did that once XD But you've got a bunch of pics of me, and I've got a bunch of pics at you. Interesting. I think this means neither of us likes to be photographed, and prefer to do the photographing of others. ;)

I just realized what the sign about the lions really says. I didn't pay attention to it and thought it said "careful, lion may lash out through cage" but it says it may spray urine... XD

This one looks like I'm in the 1950's, waiting for my secret lover on the train station ;)

The Ampelman photo is too funny, haha. XD Needs a caption:
A) It was thiiiiiiiis big!
B) And she had huuuuuuuuge tracts of land!
C) I'm the king of the world!

GUH. I need that cake. Now. For emergencies. I'll save it in a timebubble in my fridge so I can eat it when I'm PMSing.

I'm putting this one on my cell phone ;)

You should check out the 'Achter de Schermen' video on the Singing Bee website, hon. :)
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