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A shocking start to the monday

One of my colleagues is called Robert. Robert's dad had a cerebral hemmorhage two months ago. His dad went from a happy-go-lucky senior to a partially handicapped person from one day to the next. Memory problems, trouble with using his hands, it was supposed to be a long road to recovery, and for the time being he was placed in a nursing home. Robert's dad found a way out. For the past two weeks he'd already been trying to create a distance between him and his children. Last week he found a rope and hid it. He'd probably been reading up on the subject. And yesterday, sunday morning, he waited for the end of mass, making sure all the churchgoers from the church across the street had gone home. Knowing there would be no one to check up on him for the next hour, he barricaded the door of his room, tied the rope around a heating pipe and jumped out of the window. He was found hanging outside his room.

As family and doctors started searching for clues, it became quite obvious. He'd been planning this for a full week. He loathed the idea of being in need of help for the rest of his life. The hemmorhage was the beginning of a severe depression that (in his mind) would only end with his death.

I hope that his friends and family can find a little solace in the fact that he planned it, that he'd already been saying goodbye and that it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. May he rest in peace.

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