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The Wiki Safari-meme

On a never-ending quest for knowledge? Then join us on a trip through the dangerous yet wonderful world of Wikipedia and learn something new today!

The rules:
1) Start your Safari through Wikipedia at
2) From there, click on any hyperlink IN THE BODY TEXT of the article that catches your interest (so no menu items or external links )
3) Read the next article and repeat the process 9 times, so that you've made a journey across 10 Wiki entries.
4) Share your journey in your journal.

It's as easy as that. Send your friends on a journey as well and see where they go. You'll always end up a smarter person. Meme by rob_d
My journey:
1) Safari
2) Richard Francis Burton
3) The Book of One Thousand And One Nights
4) H.P. Lovecraft
5) Arkham Asylum
6) Frank Miller (comics)
7) Tim Burton
8) Vincent Price
9) The Great Mouse Detective
10) Big Ben (Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster)

Heh, safari to Big Ben. Looking back, it's funny to see how much I stuck to entertainment when I could've gone for philosophy and ancient cultures.... Alright, my faithful readers, give my meme wings! Go forth and copy.
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