Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Top 10 albums

Nicked from wickedoll.


1) The bands don't have to be insanely popular,
2) The albums don't have to go in order of how good they are. Just list what you like.
3) Also, make sure to list one of each, since this is only a Top 10 list.

Righty-oh, in random order it is:
- Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth. His first album when people still believed he was Stevie Wonder's lovechild. That was some good oldfashioned acid jazz....
- New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too. With the awesome songs "You Get What You Give" and the bonechilling "Someday We'll Know". I'm still hoping for a reunion.
- Verve - Urban Hymns. This is one haunting album. The Drugs Don't Work, Bittersweet Symphony, Lucky Man, each song on this album gets under my skin. In a good way.
- Massive Attack - Mezzanine. I never thought myself a big triphop fan. This is an exception to the rule. If only for "Teardrop".
- Tom Jones - Reload. Yes, really. I like it when artists cover other songs but with a twist. This still is a fun album to pop into my CD player from time to time.
- Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Dirty Boogie. Another extreme. Take a rockabilly rocker and give him a big band. This is what happens. Can't help but shamelessly sing along with Rock This Town or This Old House.
- Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself. Dirty funky urban shiznit. Scooby Snacks. Nuff said.
- Die Fantastischen Vier - MTV Unplugged. German Hiphop, unplugged. I kid you not. And these guys can make some awesome tunes. Call them the German Beastie Boys if you want. I call them wicked.
- Paul Simon - Graceland. It takes guts to go into a country that's under international boycot and record an album with the local musicians who also believe that music should transcend politics and boundaries. A legendary album.
- Snow Patrol - Eyes Open. Dreamy rock and pop just the way I like it. Chasing Cars and Shut Your Eyes are finally getting the attention they deserve.

And there you have it. For now then. Might change totally tomorrow. :)

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