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When... does... the... hurting... stop!?

Saturday: While driving to Maastricht, a small pebble hits the windshield of my loaner. *skrak*. A small star/crack as the result. BLOODY &*$%! The visit to my old hometown was short. New people came to take a look, loved it, took it. Yay. They even want to take as much off my hands as I can leave behind. Oven, microwave, minifridge. Saves me the trouble, increases cashflow. Good. Drove back to Katwijk, had the interview at the radiostation. Was fun! Basically it was a little chat, guided tour and lots of drinking and joking with the staff. They welcomed all help they could get, so if I say yes, I'll officially be working at a radiostation........

Sunday: Playing chess, doing laundry, chinese take away, sports on TV. Typical male sunday, I guess :)

Monday: work, lots of meetings, lots of listening to coworkers moan about trivialities. And finding out the star in my windshield matured into a footlong crack. Where is all this bad karma coming from, boohoo.
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