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What happens when you confuse a reference number for a bankaccount and you send money using the wrong nine numbers? Usually nothing because of some mathmatical rules that a bankaccount needs to follow.

What happens when you confuse a reference number THAT COMPLIES WITH THOSE MATHMATICAL RULES for a bankaccount? You send a considerable amount of cash (3 digits, starts with a 7, in Euro) to the real bank account of a total stranger.

Guess what I did today?


I contacted my bank, but since the money already has been transferred, there's three possible outcomes.

1) Mr. Stranger is a good person, discovers this money that's not his and sends it right back to me.
2) Mr. Stranger receives a letter from my bank and pays the money back because he's a good person.
3) Mr. Stranger ignores the letter and doesn't contact his or my bank, resulting in me getting his contact details so I can plead my case personally and beg him to give me my money back.

In any case, this could take a while before I get my money back, IF I get it back. Incredibly ARGH!

WHY THE FUG does my bank make me fill out the name and town of a recipient if it doesn't even CHECK if that data is similar to the data attached to the bank account?
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