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Just another manic monday

After a month and a half of weekends packed full with social activies, it was nice to have a quiet and relaxing weekend for a change. Friday night I showed my face on WoW again after a while, my shammy is 51 now. Gaming casually I should be able to get him to 70 before my account expires. On saturday I got a haircut, then went to Amsterdam with jonesybunny and skunktaur. It started out rainy but the weather cleared up eventually and we had quite a nice afternoon, shopping at Henk Comics, Waterstones (the American Book Center was shut due to a power outage *grmbl*) and the Free Record Shop. My loot consisted of Shrugged #8, Fathom Kiani #4 (Yes, I'm a Michael Turner Aspen Comics fanboi), CSI Las Vegas season 7 box 2 (episodes 13-24) and Drakengard 2 for PS2. Jones and I even looked into the possibility of buying one of the Guitar Hero sets with guitar, but all we found was GH3 for 80 bucks, so for the moment no plastic guitar jamming.

So when we got back home, I monopolised the DVD player for a 6-episode CSI marathon. OMG Miniature killer! Some wicked episodes in there. And that wraps up the saturday. Sunday wasn't much better ;) Slept in until 11 (haven't done that in AGES) and the rest of the day was spent surfing the web, finishing Jak 3 (teh funny!) and watching a little more CSI. Ahhhh, couch potato bliss....... Oh yeah, and let's not forget my radio show. Good times were had.

And now it's monday morning, back to work! Today marks the start of attempt #ilostcount to start working out again on my dancemat. I dared to step on the scale again this morning. Wasn't as bad as I feared, but there's still lots of room for improvement. That plus the fact that I can feel I'm horribly out of shape.
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