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The Bug, it goes around

Yes, the beep is still there. Last friday (Jan 4th) I went to the doctor. Never got to see her, but instead an assistant led me into a small office and gave me the 'ear-toilet', one big friggin' syringe filled with lukewarm water. Twice. I actually had to hold on to something as such a procedure gives your vestibular (or balance) nerve a whallop. But 3 minutes later I was outside again. "Call again if you still have trouble on monday".

Apart from the ear, I felt good enough to go ahead with the planned weekend at the LAN party in Maastricht. Picked up damanique along the way and together we locked ourselves up in a building with 25 other computergeeks for the weekend. Fun was had with Unreal Tournament 2004, Guitar Hero, In The Groove, Heroes of Might and Magic, Alien vs Predator 2, The Incredible Machine 2, Doom 2, King Kong on Xbox (Utter Frustration Boy!), Half Life 2, Portal, and a special midnight FREAKshow with The Worst Of The Web, collected by yours truly (It was an instant hit). Unfortunately Dama caught my bug, even though she had a great weekend. Get well soon, hon!

On monday, I went back to work, but still with ear trouble. So first thing tuesday morning I was at the doc again. This time a real doc helped me, even though there was nothing she could do for me. I have some moisture/fluid on the inside of my eardrum. It will disappear over time, but it COULD take up to ... a MONTH ! Aaaaargh.

And now it's thursday, work work work, had an official evaluation yesterday and came out with a "Good" mark on my file. As long as I keep up the good work and make myself irreplaceable at my current assignment, things are looking great.

Right, back to work it is. And on Saturday: a haircut and a stroll through Amsterdam.

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