Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
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I just slept five hours with my 'bad ear' to the pillow. Now I'm awake and it's only gotten worse. My left eardrum seems to have turned 180 degrees so my left ear now hears nothing from the outside, but everything from the inside, mostly a dull hummmmmmmm and a soft throbbing in synch with my heartbeat. Every time when I yawn my eardrum makes a crackling noise like crumpling up a newspaper-page, with a few added stings of pain for effect.

Any hope I had of this being minor and curable with some sleep has been shot to hell. I'm not gonna clean the ear with water, for fear of there being a perforation in said eardrum. You don't want water on the inside, especially not if it just passed a truckload of bacteria on the way. I hope I can last until 8am when the doc is open for business again. Otherwise it's the 24-hour medical station in the next village, but they charge bigtime.

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