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Actions speak louder than words

I'm good at starting things, I suck at staying the course. Diet? After four weeks I'm sinning again. Working out ? The frequency drops fast after a while. Saving money? What's that? That's why today was both scary and necessary for me. I dared to log in to my bank account. It wasn't a pretty sight. But this time I took things one step further. I checked the percentages that I pay for being 'in the red' and compared them to a lot of other companies. I was shocked to see how much money I threw away last year in credit interest.

Personal bank account: 12,72% interest.
Credit account (dutch: doorlopend krediet): 11,9% interest.

Damn.... Talk about a wake-up call. So what I did today was throw everything onto a big pile. And do a lot of comparing. And make a phonecall. Monday I have a chat with another bank that has much better rates. I'm gonna close my current credit account and move the credit to the new bank. Their rate? 8,6%. That's 3,3% less! Yes people, ABN AMRO sucks.

I'm gonna start 2008 with a positive amount of cash on my personal account, which I will try and keep out of the red as much as possible. I'm going to start a financial logbook again like I did when I was a student. I will only have one big credit with that new bank, which I intend to pay off within the next year. If all goes well then May will be the start of a new contract with much better money and benefits. If I can keep myself in check (No new PC, no expensive lease-car, no gamingconsole, no games, almost no eating outdoors, no big parties or concerts) it's certainly doable to be fully debtfree by the end of next year. Feel free to slap me if you hear me talking about buying something I don't really need ;) I'm gonna stop with World of Warcraft coming May (accidentally paid for another half year automatically), gonna cancel my lottery-ticket and by then I've done everything possible to cut down on expenses. Oh yeah, and no more trips to the expensive supermarket (AH), but rather to the low-budget one (Lidl).

Time to get financially and physically fit.
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