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WOOHOO *run, bounce, jump, wiggle*

To make a long story short:
- My favorite radiostation (3FM) is auctioning stuff for charity (Red Cross)
- I bid on the Masterclass Radio (4 seats available)
- At the end of the auction I came 9th.
- Today I got a phonecall from 3FM that a lot of high bidders chickened out or weren't available tomorrow.
- Seat 4 is mine.

Tomorrow I'm going to the 3FM studio for a guided behind-the-scenes tour and a masterclass from one of the DJ's. I'll get to record my own little show that I'll be taking home on CD. This is as close as I'm ever going to get (unless they see my emormous potential and hire me). Best X-mas present evar (even though I'm paying good money for it, but hey, it's charity!).

Yes, YES, YES!!!
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