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Yeah, flying by again. Seems like LiveJournal is turning more into LiveAgenda for me.

Last week: lotsalotsalotsawork! And a discussion-night about to-be-built apartments in Alphen aan den Rijn. They invited a few random people to talk about their ideal apartment, neighbours, neighbourhood, facilities, etc. etc. I was curious enough to go there and have a chat, even netted me 45 euro as 'incentive'. But by the sound of it those things are going to be too expensive anyway, 75 square meters is the minimum size, private parking and in the middle of town, next to the railwaystation. Can you say F*CKING EXPENSIVE ? Oh well, was nice to be involved in their brainstorming sessions.

What else? Oh yeah, company X-mas dinner last saturday. I told damanique I was going to show her off as my prize trophy and she dressed accordingly. I was flabbergasted when she stepped into the room.

It was a wonderful night and a great weekend. Even watching Discovery Channel in mutual zombie mode was fun. (Chop Shop FTW). Add to that a rockin' radioshow on sundaynight (damn, I'm good) and before I knew it the weekend was over.

Which brings us to this week:
Monday: Work, then burgers and a movie with jonesybunny. Burgers at BK, who certainly do NOT put the 'fast' in 'fast food'. Movie was The Golden Compass. It was .... watchable. As skunktaur said "Eyecandy", but the book is 10 times better. Go read it.
Tuesday: Work, evening home. Even a little WoW. That was a while ago!
Wednesday: Work, MAYBE a visit to the gamesclub tonight, but I'm not sure yet.
Thursday: Work, quick Xmas cheer at the job, then onwards home.
Friday: Work, relax at home.
Saturday: A whole day for shopping and cleaning house. It's been far too long >.<
Sunday: Afternoon and evening in the radiostudio, first to prerecord a show ("Of COURSE it's pre-recorded! When else you gonna record it, afterwards?!"), then to do my live one.
Monday: X-mas eve. Work first, then pick up damanique and spend the evening together with dinner and a movie. As long as it isn't Home Alone :P
Tuesday: X-mas day. Family dinner in Eindhoven.
Wednesday: Boxing day. Bring Danielle home, then on to Hilversum for a japanese dinner with a whole bunch of friends. Really looking forward to that too :) Hrm, note to self: maybe pick up Jonesy along the way.
Thursday: Work, then more radioshow at night, the top 75 of most awful songs evar! Listen in for dutch, german and english trash, just because it's campy! (Star Trekkin', Bring Me Edelweiss, ewww! :D)

And after that: New Year's Eve in Nijmegen and the weekend after that LAN Party in Maastricht. Jeebus, I'm turning into a party animal.... Who'd a thunk?

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