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Last wednesday I reversed my car into a pillar at the parking garage. Bah! Bah! Bah! It's at the garage now, I have a loaner while it's being fixed. Insurance covers it, but I'll still have to pay a bundle in own-risk.

Today I have to drive 250 km to go back to Maastricht. Last thursday I informed the housing bureau I'm going to move officially (even though I already moved in September) and two hours later the first person called to ask if she could have a look this saturday. I'm driving 2.5 hours to show her the place (the girl who secretly lives there and pays the rent won't be there this weekend), then drive 2,5 hours back, cos later tonight I'll have a chat at the local radiostation to see if I can work there a few hours each week and learn the ropes. I've always wanted to work at a radiostation. Preferably the biggest national station, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

Sunday's gonna be quiet. Hopefully. Washing and ironing. Whoopie!
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