Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

I'm chatting, but I'm not!

I'm trying the sneaky version of updating my LJ, through a chat window. Since the use of chat is allowed at work, but surfing journals is a no-no, I sit here pretending to chat with a colleague while in fact I'm updating my LJ. I'm so naughty... Dunno how much LJ Bot Frank can take (he's just a goat after all, and a russian goat soon). Last week I spent 53 hours at work (in stead of the usual 40, so kaCHING!), and at home we got the house ready for jonesybunny, the new roomie. And so the weekend went by faster than the Japanese bullettrain, improving my IKEA skillz and hoisting boxes up the stairs. Tonight he'll spend his first night in the new room. I assured him there'll be no monsters under the bed :P
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