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If anyone's seen my sanity, I seem to have misplaced it....

Through the week, busy with work, trying to tackle The Patch From Hell with 550 things to test and a deadline that will not budge an inch. In the evenings, there's social things with colleagues. Could've gone to a lecture about Second Life and other virtual words tonight, but NO TIME! Tomorrownight: cooking session with co-workers in some kind of studio. Fridaynight: dinner and drinks with 'classmates' from work. Saturday: some quick errands (haircut, lenses, carwash), then off to a birthday. Sunday: Drop by at a lanparty (mental note, bring laptop) and radioshow at night.

With regards to the birthday party, it's damanique's. Yes, you've seen her name around a couple of times now. Well, at this moment I'm confident enough to say: We're an item. It's almost scary how we always seem to think the same thing at the same time, as if it's telepathy. She likes games and Star Trek and anime and japanese food. She even survived the ultimate stress-test: meeting my friends in Maastricht (I abducted her for the weekend). She fit right in! She compliments me. I can't wait to see her again.

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