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OMGWTFBBQ. Or: how I won and lost in the same week

Friday: I play an online poptrivia game and I get a call from the radiostation if I want to play 'for real' on national radio. SURE!
Friday: Round one: WIN 8-0 (prize: Radioshow cowboyhat)
Monday: Round two: WIN 6-1 (prize: Showerradio)
Tuesday: Round three: WIN 7-4 (prize: CD Kate Nash)
Wednesday: Round four: WIN 6-1 (prize: DVD Box "I shouldn't be alive)
Thursday: Final round. All or nothing. I go up against a 36-y-o guy, hrm older people know more songs usually. We both get our first question right. 2-2. Second question, I miss, he scores: 2-4. Last question: classics round (uh-oh). I have to name the artist who sang Sweet Home Alabama. From the tip of my little toe, I pull Lynyrd Skynyrd out of my mouth: 4-4. His turn: "I've got the music in me". I think 'Shit, I'm dead.'. He misses! I almost scream "KIKI DEE!" and win 5-4. Grand prize: mp3 player (I suspect iPod, but they never actually mentioned a brand or type). Plus all the other prizes. Jeebus cripes, I'm still shaking.

So, you may ask, what did I lose? Well, 1.5 kilogram in one week! Started taking action at 95, fumbled a bit and even got up to 97 but now I'm down to 94. Rawr. As the unforgettable and immortal James Brown said: I feel good! (*nanananana*)

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