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It's time for tonight's Top 10 list!

Poor David Letterman and Jay Leno, they're nothing without their writers. Mwahaha. As a service, here's a list for them to use.

Top 10 things to piss Japanese people off!

10: Take a nap right after dinner. According to Japanese superstition that'll turn you into a cow.
9: Clip your nails in the middle of night. That will kill your parents.
8: Pass food from your chopsticks to someone else's chopsticks. That's how bones are disposed of in a crematorium
7: Say 'chin chin' while offering a toast. It's Japanese for dick.
6: Stir the dishes with food on the table with your own used chopsticks.
5: Keep your shoes on in someone's house. Walk to the toilet, then back to the dinnertable with them.
4: Talk about World War II. Japanese people LOVE to bring up this trauma. NOT.
3: Wrap your gifts in white wrappingpaper. That's the way to show someone you want him to roll over and die.
2: Shake hands at a first meeting. Japanese people hate physical contact.

And the number one way to piss Japanese people off ......

Take them to a Chinese restaurant!

*music, applause*
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