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Here's the funny thing:

A colleague of mine bought a scratchlottery ticket yesterday. He won a prize. Not just any prize, one of the SPECIAL prizes. He won an original ...

PAC MAN ARCADE MACHINE! Y'know? One of these guys. Worth 3200 Euro. Thing is: he doesn't want it! So now he's looking to find a way to cash in on the thing. It says specifically in the rules that he can't opt for a cash amount from the lottery or the company delivering the machine. So he will be getting the machine sent to his home. And since he knows I'm into games, he asked me if I wanted to buy it. Hehe, well .... no I'm not that loaded....

So, my friends, anyone who wants to buy it or knows people who might be interested? He's very much willing to negotiate, maybe as far as 50% off the price.
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