March 10th, 2010

Rob is standard

Get your icons pimped!

Hey all,

my good friend thaily is currently working on a batch of new icons for me. Basically, she wants a picture of your face, a list of the moods you want to see, and then she goes to work toonifying your mugshot. I've seen a few she's made for me already, and they're AWESOME! (watch out for the DURP-face :P)

I urge you all to commission her. She's fast, very inexpensive and a good artist.

Look at her own icons to get an idea of what she's offering:

Now don't wait any longer, contact her before someone beats you to it!
Rob is standard

New icons!

Praise be to thaily

She did a great job on my new icons.

Meet Rob when he's ... Angry, annoyed, blank, durp,
epic, evil, eyerolling, happy,
mischievous, musical, sad, shocked,
silly, surprised, tired and worried :)