May 22nd, 2009

Rob is standard



Bank holiday, went to Rotterdam Zoo together with thaily and hiryu, shot over 300 pictures. Still sorting, I think about 25 will make the cut. Making good shots is harder than you think. Thaily knows that and shot over 1000 pics, giving her something to do over the weekend ;) After the zoo, we met up with jonesybunny and bander for an early dinner at Sushi Qube in Rotterdam, where I had my first genuine COLD Sake (served with a square wooden box as drinking 'cup'. Odd.) and I had my first ever taste of Fugu (grilled, so no chance of poisoning). I still have no idea what the fish is supposed to taste like (very bland, so they say) because it was grilled with soy sauce and garlic. Strange texture though, as if chewing on beef jerky. After that, ANOTHER first: Sukiyaki. And all I can say is: Dayumn, that stuff's sweet. I'll probably opt for the Shabu-shabu next time. It was a lovely dinner, dropped Hiryu and Thaily off, had a coffee at Bander's and went on home again, entertaining myself with The Chronicles of Spellborn until it was time to get some sleep.


I'm the only one in the office. I'm slacking off. The fact that the application builders aren't very helpful in fixing my issues doesn't do much for my productivity either. Which gives me time to update my LJ again.


Haircut, chores, BBQ at a friend.


Paying the parents a visit, do radio show.

Mon/tue/wed: work. Only half a day on wednesday so I can visit Amersfoort Zoo in the afternoon, followed by a lecture from Dr. Laurie Marker, the CEO from the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Thursday: work, then straight on to Magdenburg (Germany), crash there at a cheap hotel. Next day: onward to Prague for three full days of culture, beer and good times with 5 colleagues. Want to visit Prague Zoo.

Mon, June 1st: Drive from Prague to the radio studio, present two hours of the Double Top 80s, the annual highlight of monsterhitmusic. Oh, I'll be knackered.....
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