March 25th, 2009

Rob is standard

Radio bug

The radio bug is biting me again. I'm noticing that I'm paying more attention to radio-related news again. I've read DJ Rob Stenders' biograpy and I want to read DJ Gerard Ekdom's bio as well. I want to get my hands on this book and I want to learn how to use Pro Tools. I want a home studio, I want to switch from Monsterhit Music to any nearby local or regional radiostation where I'll have a few more listeners at least, I want to get a demo out to the new head of training at 3FM, I want to follow trainings and courses in radio skills.

So much I want, so little time and money I have. This is not the moment to pump a load of cash into a hobby. At least I have October 17th marked in my agenda. Radio Workshop with BNN radio. I had to cancel last year even though I was selected, so hopefully they've saved me a spot for this year.

I have both feet on the ground, I'm not so stupid to quit my job and reach for the stars. But it keeps pulling at me....