February 26th, 2009

Rob is standard

Car nav update part 2. More fail.

Got home and grabbed my laptop right away. Hooked it up to the nav system and ran the update program (3 gigabite, remember?)

*buzz* - "Can't start update because there's no connection to the internet!". Why the hell would the damned program still want access to the net when I already downloaded the entire friggin' update? Answer 1: to verify the security code I got in my e-mail. Ah, valid reason. Answer 2: so the update program can display lots of Garmin ads while it is running.... *sigh*

I get jonesybunny to fire up his wireless network and try again. Yay. Enter security code. Check. Agree to EULA. Check. "Update manager is drawing the new map." S-l-o-o-o-w progress bar. I go back inside, have a bite and step out to the car again. Ah, that part has finally finished. "Update manager is deleting current map on system". OK, figures. One minute later: "Update manager is uploading new map to system." Well, if progress bar 1 was slow, bar 2 is crawling like a snail through wet cement. Slightly frustrated I go back inside and return an hour later. Progress bar is at 51%. Well goddammit, I have an appointment and need to drive the car now!

With a silent prayer I turn the ignition key to start the engine, which briefly cuts the power to the nav system. Hopefully the updater has a resume function. Oh. It hasn't. "Something went wrong with the update. Please try again." I fire up the update manager once again, it might still resume at 51% so it can keep updating while I'm driving. It doesn't need the internet connection anymore anyway. Alas. Security code, EULA, "Update manager is drawing the new map." It starts ALL over again. Frustrated I power down the laptop, pull the cable and start driving.

Tonight: attempt 3 (only if it doesn't rain). Needed: Power for laptop (battery won't last long enough for the entire update process), wi-fi network, a good book and a hipflask of whiskey. And tons of patience. Luck will have it that the update DVD arrives tomorrow. In which case I'll scream my head off.
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Rob is standard

And the ball started rolling...

Mugshots: check
Requested new passport: check
Pick up new passport: March 5th

First Hepatitis A *and* B shot at Leiden University Medical Center: March 8th. Seeing that I'm going to do 'dangerous work' (meaning: work where I could get injured), the doc strongly advised me to get both A and B shots. It's a set of 3 shots administered over a period of 6 months. Next to those I'll have to get yellow fever and DTP as well, lateron. Almost 200 Euro worth of shots altogether. Dude. Oh well, at least I'll be resistant to those diseases for 10-to-life years.

And in more cheetah news (thanks, lasttowin): Very rare Sahara cheetah pic!
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