February 23rd, 2009

Rob is standard

What a weekend

Learned to make bonbons and chocolate truffles on Saturday. Had dinner in a nice cosy restaurant in Delft afterwards. Failed to get my 'date' to switch sides and leave her boyfriend. Not that I had expected it to work, but hey, a guy can try ;)

Ate a few bonbons on Sunday, finished reading all the Fables comics I borrowed from thaily, got two loads of laundry done, watched Matrix 2 and 3, had Rick's taco's for dinner, then suddenly The Guy With The Hammer hit me. Basically, my body told me "Hey Rob, you've done enough fun things for the moment. Go to bed and get some rest." I did and slept 11 hours straight. Whoah.

Wouldn't mind an extra day off, but I'd better suck it up for the next 6 weeks while I'm in the middle of a crucial period at my current assignment. After that, I'll most likely be back 'on the couch' again, waiting for a new assignment. Might as well take a few days off then, you get two days for the price of one when you're on the 'available' list (as long as you stay within reach for job interviews).
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Rob is standard

Terug naar je maker!

Remember when I posted about that pamphlet promoting the creation theory? Well, that pamphlet is gonna hit every mailbox in the Netherlands in the coming weeks, and about a dozen popular weblogs in The Netherlands started a big campaign as a reaction. They're encouraging everyone who doesn't agree with getting this religious text on their doormat to return it to the man who came up with the pamphlet idea. "Return to maker".

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Rob is standard

Talk to a human

This one's for my American and Canadian friends.

Don't you just hate all those automated response computers when you're calling a company? Would you rather get a REAL person on the phone, in stead of pressing numbers, spelling your name and listening to long lists of options?

There is a way. A website with a loooong list of companies and the right code to get put through to an actual person. Gethuman.com. Have fun. And make sure you don't call them with stupid questions or you'll end up on notalwaysright.com
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