December 19th, 2008

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WTF? Eddie is Riddler in new Batman??

FUNNYMAN EDDIE MURPHY will play The Riddler in the next Batman movie, The Sun can reveal.

The Beverly Hills Cop star, 47, has been signed up by British director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to reprise the role played by JIM CARREY in 1995’s Batman Forever.

The surprise move follows speculation linking Pirates of the Caribbean star JOHNNY DEPP to the part. The film, set for a 2010 release, is being developed under the working title Gotham. Execs have also signed up rising Transformers star SHIA LABEOUF, 22, to play Robin. CHRISTIAN BALE will return as Bruce Wayne, while MICHAEL CAINE will again play Bruce’s assistant Alfred. Meanwhile, Brit RACHEL WEISZ is said to be up for the Catwoman role.

Insiders also revealed to The Sun the flick will end on a cliffhanger over whether Batman survives a blast at Wayne Towers. Nolan had been tight-lipped about the future of the Batman films after being rocked by the January death of HEATH LEDGER — tipped to receive a posthumous Oscar for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. A film insider said: “Chris wasn’t sure if he wanted to do another movie but as soon as he decided to, he got the wheels in motion. “Eddie’s a fantastic addition. Everyone’s excited to see what he does as the Riddler.”
Warning: awful Photoshop ahead.

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I just received an email from the charity-fund coordinator at work.

Thanks to months of lobbying I managed to raise

7000 Euro (10.000 US$)

for the BushBlok project at the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
On top of that, some co-workers made a time-wise donation which means that 11 of my 30+ days in Namibia are paid for and won't cost me vacation days.

It's a X-mas gift for the soul.
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T - 318 days

I did it. I booked the plane ticket.

On November 2nd 2009, I'll be boarding a plane in Düsseldorf, Germany. Via London Heathrow and Johannesburg, South Africa, I'll be landing in Windhoek, Namibia the next day. The day before my 32nd birthday.

I'll be flying back on December 7th, landing in Germany again on the morning of the 8th.

And the days in between will be filled with hard work, magic, laughter and cheetahs. Lots of cheetahs.

Someone pinch me.
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