October 13th, 2008

Rob is standard


Don't ask me why, but I'm slowly trying to start drinking coffee.... When it comes to hot drinks, it's still 80% tea with the occasional hot chocolate (something that also took me 25 years to like), but the past few weeks I've been working up to coffee.

Stages passed:

Stage one: hot chocolate
Stage two: choco-coffee (50/50)
Stage three: Wiener melange (half coffee, quarter milk, quarter hot choc)
Stage four (this week): cappuccino (with cocoa powder on top)

Not sure what my next stage should be. Coffee with milk and sugar? Or should I bravely shock my system by going straight for espresso? The worst part is: this isn't even decent coffee, it all comes straight from one of those big company vendor machines (Douwe Egberts). We *do* have an italian coffee-bar in the main lounge, but that quality shit ain't free. The vendor coffee is ;)
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