August 3rd, 2008

Rob is standard

Trodding along

Newsticker time again.

* Just went to see Wall-E with jonesybunny, pegla, skunktaur, hackrabbit and nefariouscory. I had a good time, I loved the little details that Pixar is famous for. More 'awwwww' and 'hehehehe' moments than you can shake a magic wand at. And that includes the animated short "Presto" that runs before Wall-E.
* ITIL Foundation exam on Monday. Tried a trial-exam today, passed with EXACTLY the minimum number of correct answers needed. Still a full day to brush up my knowledge tomorrow.
* Finally found the last two smash gates in Burnout Paradise, the darned things were hidden at a tunnel at the bottom of the quarry stunt area. Not that anyone would care about that, but they've eluded me for so long I just HAD to say it. Now just 4 more cars to go before I have them all (until Monday when the first expansion is available for download). Damn, I'm a Burnout fanboy.
* Dad's been diagnosed with double Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. He'll have to go into surgery on both his wrists to give his veins and nerves more space than they currently have. The procedure itself it only 5 minutes. It's the recovery that's gonna take a loooong time.
* Got talked into playing taxi for thaily last Thursday. Drove her to a mice-breeder to pick up two beautiful striped ladies, then drove her home with the new additions to her family. The evening ended with dinner (baby ribs, baby ribs, baby ribs, get in mah belleh!) with her, hiryu and bander, the latter looking very dehydrated from working in an office with no airco at tropical temperatures. Poor man.
* No definitive approval from the Cheetah Conservation Fund yet, think I'll mail them this week to see if I can get the green light for my visit next year.
* caniche, I got your letter last week, I totally forgot to tell you about that! It was a very fun read. It really is nice to get a written letter. It feels so .... retro :D
* If you have an X-box 360, feel free to add me to your friendslist. My gamertag is Mpepea.
* One more week until holiday, dad's birthday, trip to friends in Maastricht with LAN-party and festival. Two more weeks until visiting _graywolf_ and ringtailed in Norn Iron (Northern Ireland). Guys, your mead is on backorder, but should be in before I fly!
* What's the best way to grab Youtube movies? I tried a website that allows you to download them as flv files, but the audio ends up choppy.
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