July 21st, 2008

Rob is standard


* Weekend was nice and lazy, finished Assassin's Creed on Saturday, went shopping for gifts and had a meeting with the webradio team. Lots of good intentions, we'll see how long it'll last.
* Sunday: time to visit the parents. Gave my little brother a bottle of champagne with glasses for his birthday (he only requested the glasses but hey, you need something to put in it, right?" He's lost 14 kilograms this year just by working, working, working and eating lots of salads. Holy cripes, I almost regret switching to a desk job.....
* Dad got a bottle of port for father's day (belated gift). That way mom can enjoy it as well, didn't wanna give him whisky again.
* While home we talked a good while about Life, Death and everything related. Mom and dad are thinking about selling the house in a few years, rent an apartment somewhere in town and use the profit from selling the house to donate a sum to the kids and to visit Turkey and Aruba regularly while enjoying life as pensionados. I told them to go for it, they've worked hard enough. The hardest part in this plan is going to be cleaning up all the stuff in the attic: mom can be somewhat of a packrat. Old clothing, our kiddietoys, antiques, paintings, my old bed, it's still somewhere up there. We could do a garage sale that would take up the entire street.....
* Visited the dentist this morning: in and out in 5 minutes. I have to get an electric toothbrush though. Doctor's orders. Bzzzzz.
* Thought I'd be smart and check the pressure in my car's tyres this morning. Wow, they surely needed some air! Car should now be even more economical. Drove 920 km with my last full tank (44 liters).
* What the heck? The Dark Knight has toppled The Godfather as #1 movie of all times!?!?! With a 9.5 versus a 9.1 ???

OK Rob, back to work!
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