July 9th, 2008

Rob is standard

Artist needs advice

Hey all,

First: a request for all the artists who read my LJ: charreed needs advice on making a portfolio to send out with job applications. Read here and help her get a cool job!

In other news:

- Finished Mass Effect, it was a very nice game, great story. steelhelix, if you ever get your paws on a copy (it's available for Xbox360 and PC), I think you're gonna love playing the commander of a revolutionary starship trying to save the galaxy from total destruction, where you get to choose if you're a goody two shoes Paragon, or the whatever-it-takes Renegade. Next game on the list: Assassin's Creed.

- Went to a pub quiz yesterday. Colleague asked me for help, since one of his regular teammembers couldn't make it. I came, saw and we conquered. Especially the music intro round, I was throwing out the artists and titles left and right with everyone else at my team going WTF!?! Mwahaha. As first prize, we got to choose from a collection of bargain bin DVD's, I picked Needful Things for Roomie Rick's Stephen King collection.

- Phoned the cardealer yesterday to ask if there was any news on my new ride yet. So far I'd been under the impression that it would arrive somewhere at the end of August. WRONG! As far as the salesman can see it now, the car is expected to arrive in the last week of September, then needs a few days in the garage for upgrades, so currently I'm looking at October 1st. 12 bloody weeks to go.....

That's all for now. Back to work!
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