July 4th, 2008

Rob is standard

Rest in peace, Michael Turner.

This happened a week ago and if thaily hadn't mentioned it, I probably wouldn't have found out for another few weeks. Comic-book artist Michael Turner dies at 37.

Damn, damn, damn, Michael was my favorite artist. It was known that he had cancer, but he went into surgery a couple of years ago, so I thought they managed to get rid of it. Guess I was wrong. 37, far too young. Rest in peace, Michael. Your legacy, Aspen Comics, will live on. The talents that you trained will make you proud.
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Rob is standard

The waiting game

My application form and resume have been sent out to the Cheetah Conservation Fund for their 2009 Working Guest program. I'm pretty sure I won't be turned down, but still, I'm giddy and nervous at the same time!

Went to the Hard Rock Karaoke yesterday with hiryu and thaily and fun times were had. YOU GOTTA FIGHT.... FOR YOUR RIGHT .... TO PAAAAAARTAYYYY! *cough*

Today is also filled with awesome, despite the news of Michael Turner's passing. bander knows the right people and so he and I are going to see Roni Size and Reprazent in Amsterdam tonight. Jazzy Drum and Bass, here we come!