May 14th, 2008

Rob is standard

Rust in peace

After 12 years of loyal service, my washing machine broke down on us today. How could I tell?
- It made whiney noises
- It didn't rotate when it was supposed to
- Despite setting the thermo-dial to 30 degrees celcius, the laundry was HOT to the touch (For Pete's sake, I hope nothing shrunk)

Since it's an ancient Candy Activa 106 plus, it might actually be cheaper to buy a new machine than try and get this one fixed. My thanks go out to Candy for building a kick ass machine that didn't need any service in those 12 years, and to Wheel of Fortune for letting me win the darned thing as an 18 year old student.

Time to go scout the review and price-check websites. *groan*