April 28th, 2008

Rob is standard

Maximum overdrive

'til I'm six feet under baby, I don't need no rest. Gonna live while I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead. - Bon Jovi.

Man, just three more days and I''m celebrating my first year at Valori. How time flies. And it doesn't stop flying. Had another training last tuesday, about ASL (Application Service Libraries), part two is tomorrow. Last friday, after work and squashball (I sucked) I drove to my parents, ate a decent meal (stewed beef. Something I never have the time for. Stewing. Mmm, nice though) and stayed for the night. Saturday morning: a supersonic haircut, a stroll over the weekly market with mom, raiding a toko (far eastern mini-market) and off to damanique, car loaded with new clothes, a bottle of Sake and a bag of the best ribs in Eindhoven (Sorry Dama, it was a promise to Rick that I made years ago).

Together we toured around her hometown, visited her dad (and his cat who approved me within minutes *petpetscritchscritch*), strolled along the Schelde-river and enjoyed a drink in the sun. Back home at Dama's place, the BBQ was fired up (literally. With mineral turpentine!) and we pigged out on burgers, chicken satay and fries together with Dama's mom, brother and "The neighbour", a.k.a. mom's boyfriend. Unfortunately I had to leave around nine for yet another promise, visiting friends in Delft. I arrived just in time to join in on a game of Arkham Horror, a boardgame based on the Chtulhu stories. My character was a nun, and together with a private eye, a professor, an archeologist and a mobster, we managed to close the demon gates that popped up around Arkham before Azathoth, the chaos demon could wake up. Thank goodness for the nun's strong sanity, even though my holy cross was stolen by gypsies and all my spells disappeared into a nasty ritual that needed to be prevented. Cool game. It was 1.30 a.m. when I left. Got home after 2 and went straight to bed.

Sunday, time to chill. Slept in, played a little WoW, visited Noordwijk with Rick, made radio while slightly under the influence of the Belgian beer that I had in the sun. Think it was a good show though :D. Now it's monday, and today or tomorrow my aunt will know if she can be treated. The result of that will most likely impact my mood and behavior for the rest of the week.

At this moment, Queen's day on Wednesday is looking to be cold and wet, so instead of going to Leiden or Delft, there's a good chance that we'll be doing something indoors. bander graciously offered to host a little get-together, so today I'll be trying to reach damanique, thaily, hiryu and jonesybunny to see if they're interested as well, making it a party of six with orange cake and a shot of 'Oranjebitter'. Then on Thursday: Ascention day, another public holiday (once referred to as 'Heaventravelday' by my dad). No plans yet for that, just that I'll be going to the Hard Rock Karaoke in Amsterdam again late at night. Then friday, a day at the job and Saturday it's very likely that my parents will be coming over. What a week.
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