April 7th, 2008

Rob is standard

Murphy's Law

Man, what a weekend....

Saturday started off slow, nice and easy. Watched Snakes on a Plane finally (ye gods), then jonesybunny asked me if I wanted to show him where my gameclub had their headquarters, so he could have a look. And so we drove into Leiden, quick detour past a gamestore and then we came at the 'Devil's Nest'. It was quite busy, people playing DDR, a little WoW CCG tournament going on, few peeps busy with miniatures (Warhammer 40k most likely). We hung there for an hour or so, then left again, grabbed some food along the way and at night me, Jones and Rick played couchpotato, watching cops in hot pursuit of speeddemons.

But then, the sunday. Jones and I made plans to hook up with pegla, thaily and hiryu to go visit a huge pet fair. While I was gathering my stuff, I discovered that I couldn't find my map with passport and driver's license, AND my little map with car insurance papers. ARGH, not in my car either, so I'd probably left them at the gaming club. I reached for my phone to call one of the gaming buddies when I noticed I had a voicemail. We got into Jones' car and I listened to the voicemail. He'd found the maps. Oof, thank goodness. I sent him a text message that I would drop by his house later that night to pick them up. That's when I saw something else. Low battery. Double argh! Jones didn't have the right charger in his car and lateron when I switched cars to drive along with Pegla, neither did he. Since I still had to call the gaming buddy, AND my parents (for their wedding anniversary) I decided to switch off my phone so it had a little juice left at night.

The fair itself was interesting. I saw almost every kind of pet people would want to keep, save for cats and dogs. There were owls, chameleons, gekkos, boas, ferrets, skunks, hamsters, dwarf ponies, you name it, it was there. Wandered around the place for a while and in the end we walked out with .... an antfarm! (a gift for someone). That's when I tried to switch my phone on again. No result. ARGH! We drove back to pegla's place to organise food plans, where I discovered that his roomies hackrabbit and skunktaur couldn't help me out either with a suitable charger. So on the way back home, Jones came up with an idea so simple that I never thought of it. We'd programmed gamebuddy's number into his phone, AND I know my dad's cell number by heart. And a few minutes later I'd congratulated my parents (who'd almost given up hope that I would call...) and arranged to pick up my papers. So in the end, everything worked out, but damn, I never realised how much we depend on our cellphone nowadays.