March 25th, 2008

Rob is standard

Das ist ja doch supergeil?!

And easter is behind us already. The weekend started off pretty good with a Nightwish concert on fridaynight with Roomie Rick. It was quite entertaining to experience, to be honest. It's not the kind of band I'd normally visit, but Rick had invited me to come along and I must say, it was a good concert. Nice fireworks and pyrotechnics, a fitting support act (Pain) and lots of headbanging going on.

Then saturday came around. I promised my parents to do some shopping for Easter Brunch the next day, and when I called them to confirm their order, they were on their way to Grandma who had just gotten back from the hospital (second time in two weeks). Her heart's misbehaving a little, but the doctors don't want to take the risk operating on an 83 year old lady. So it was with a heavy heart that I went back home to continue studying for my home financing theory exam on tuesday. jonesybunny must've felt my unease, for he pulled me along to grab a bite with hiryu, thaily and bander. Even though it would've been a wiser choice to stay home and study, I'm glad that I went along. I needed the distraction and the socializing, and the others did a marvelous job of keeping me entertained. Insert a crèpe joke here. (sorry, injoke ;))

Sunday: Time for the aforementioned Easter Brunch. damanique got to come along as well to help me and the family devour all the good food that was waiting on the table. And boy, it was a good brunch. That is, until the parents decided to pull out the video archive. The horrendous home movies of little Robbie feeding the duckies, little Robbie singing a song, little Robbie running in and out of a tent. And Dama sat there, laughed her ass off and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I suddenly felt the urge to go out and admire the back garden. When the trip down memory lane was over, I was treated to home made chocolate mousse, a deliberate attempt to placate me. It worked. Then Dama was initiated into a longrunning family ritual: a game of cards. Time flew and before I knew it I was driving Dama back home again. Sunday night was nice and easy with a little studying and a little relaxing.

Monday: study, eat, study.

Tuesday: What better way to start the day of your exam than with a flat tyre. I grabbed my Guide to the galaxy, it said "Don't Panic". I obeyed and discovered that our neighbour (turkish garage) was open and willing to inflate my tyre so I could at least get to the exam. Drove to Leiden, passed the exam, took the chance to keep driving to the company's garage, got the tiny puncture fixed and drove to the office for a day of training. Went back home, grabbed laptop, wrote this post, end of story. For today.

Tomorrow: The Big Chat at work about job, money and responsibilities. Friday to Monday: BERLIN! Yes, the german capital. 4 days of beer, sausage and hanging out with my girl.

P.S. Called Grandma today, she seems to have found her fighting spirit again. Go granny.