March 19th, 2008

Rob is standard

I'm ready for my close up.

Went to the TV studio yesterday to be a contestant on "Singing Bee". Met up with my parents and damanique, registered (Hello, contestant 38) and then the waiting started. After an hour and a half in the lobby of the studio with a whole bunch of other people, we were ushered into the actual studio, after receiving instructions and a peptalk from a slightly irritating studio-audience-motivational-speaker. And there I was, contestant 38, sitting in the FRONT ROW with mom and Dama. There were 50 candidates with guests and only 5 spots on stage, so we were reminded to 'give it our all' when the host came into the selection area. Alas, he ran right past me into the group and picked out 5 others. And so for the rest of the show I was part of the audience, clapping, dancing and cheering on command. And of course, if I *had* made it onto the stage, I would've won the damned thing.

Oh well, it was a fun afternoon and afterwards the four of us grabbed dinner at a wok-restaurant.

Better luck next time.
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