December 11th, 2007

Rob is standard

Never argue with thaily

[14:31] Rob D.: OK, Bander's in too, so that makes 10 :) Cool, the hard core people are all in :D
[14:31] Rob D.: Or should I say "The seniors"
[14:31] Rob D.: ?
[14:31] Stumblecat: Are you calling me old?
[14:31] Rob D.: Never. "Experienced"
[14:32] Rob D.: "First Generation"
[14:33] Stumblecat: You are calling me old.
[14:33] Rob D.: I wouldn't dare. You're not old. You're just an .. .ehm ... early member?
[14:34] Stumblecat: You realize they have knives flying through the air at this restaurant
[14:35] Rob D.: I'm not calling you old as in 'old age', it's an affectionate kind of old, like 'old friend'.
[14:35] Stumblecat: So you're calling me old
[14:35] Rob D.: *facepalm* Yes, I'm calling you old.
[14:36] Stumblecat: Tsk.
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