October 10th, 2007

Rob is standard

About the 'big' issue

Seems that yesterday's post caused a little stir. Let me clarify a little.

I didn't take action solely based on calculations and scores, though I admit that the label 'obese' upset me a little. No, it's because of how I feel these days. It's like I'm carrying a backpack filled with bricks strapped to my front. When I sit in my car, when I sit behind my desk, there's this big lump in the way. It physically bothers me. When standing up I used to be able to 'suck it up', hold my breath and make 'teh belly' look less imposing. Nowadays I can only manage that for two minutes before it goes all 'floomp' again. I got a tailored suit 5 months ago. I wore it two weeks ago and now it's too tight on me. The straw that broke the camel's neck.

Yesterday, the moment I got home I did an intense DDR session (failed the expert course on the last song, dangit!). I'm writing down everything I eat and drink. It may sound like my weight is starting to become a little obsession, but I'd rather obsess about it now when I can still turn it around. I'm not doing this to be within general accepted limits, I'm not doing this because the government is advising us to eat healthier and work out more. I'm doing this because I don't feel good about myself, mentally and physically.

In less serious news: This CD kick so much ass. 40 hits from 40 years of BBC Radio 1 (1967-2007), all performed by today's artists. Foo Fighters doing Band On The Run. Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag by Girls Aloud (!), Hard-Fi doing Britney's Toxic (!!), Robbie Williams singing The Kinks' Lola. I <3 this CD.
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Rob is standard

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Staying at work a little longer because you REALLY wanna finish something important is never a bad thing.
Then driving to company HQ and arriving just in time for the free pizza is never a bad thing.
Listening to presentations from people from other company units where they tell what their unit does exactly is never a bad thing.
Driving home and getting a phonecall from your trainer who tells you that one of the company (and unit) directors wants to set up a meeting with me to get to know me better is a FUCKING AWESOME thing!

Just too bad that the rush was somewhat diminished by Roomie Stefan telling me and Rick he's leaving per Dec. 1st....

Hey jonesybunny, wanna live in Katwijk? :P
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