August 5th, 2007

Rob is standard

Run Forrest, run!

My life's filled with lots of things right now, all good, some hectic.

Thursday, I got to pick up my new company car. The Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion. Holy shoot, I'm driving a company billboard.

From Nieuwegein it was straight on to Hotel Stroom in Rotterdam for a Mystery Guest visit. Me and Rick had to fill out a full report on the hotel and its staff, and that included drinks at the bar, dinner, roomservice, the hotelroom and breakfast. A full night's stay for free in exchange for that report. Not a bad deal :) And of course, the staff didn't know a thing, hence the word MYSTERY visit. Late at night we popped into Rotterdam for a few hours with guide bander tugging us along to the old harbour.

Friday, I had to rush home and workworkwork since last minute things had popped up the day before, with phonecalls flying back and forth. Next thursday I have a deadline where me and three of my coworkers must have tested an extensive e-mail notification feature in a company-made software tool. I think the job is bigger than we can handle, but we're sure as hell gonna give it a shot. Fridaynight was spent in Amsterdam with Rick and two colleagues of his (ex-colleagues of mine ;)) where we went for a bite and a Transformers-movie. And while in Amsterdam we discovered that it was the night before the big Gay Pride Parade. And so we watched the invasion of the pink army with amusement and occasional horror (mostly fashionrelated).

Saturday. No rest for the wicked. Off I went for Castlefest, a medieval fantasy themed festival with lots of music, theater, overpriced food and more occult/fantasy/horror merchandise than you could shake a stick at. One of these stands belonged to the ever-lovely _graywolf_, and her crafts and corsets-business went even better than expected. Also there were her father, her kilted boyfriend/salesslave/mead-addict ringtailed and profox, all the way from Norway. Lateron we met some more of their friends whose names I've shamefully forgotten. We went to see a performance by the Mediaeval Baebes on the Main Stage. It was .... interesting. Let's leave it at that ;) Soon after I went home, was getting a little too late for me to wait for the wickerwoman's burning. Got home, vegetaged on the couch and went to bed to catch up on sleep.

Sunday. Today. It's 30 degrees outside and I'm inside getting ready for chores. Bathroom, bedroom, laundry. Goodie. I must make the house look somewhat presentable for when a colleague is coming over tomorrow to work on that project. Yay me.
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