December 30th, 2006

Rob is standard

I wish my garden was emo so it would cut itself

Medieval dinner was quite fun, BUT

- car broke down again and needs repairs first thing in the morning (broken ignition coil (dutch: bobine). Can't drive to Maastricht without getting it fixed or I might face motor dying on me whilst driving 120 kph on the freeway.

- my date was distracted by textmessages from her soon-to-be-ex and soon-to-be-new-boyfriend. And so I found myself in the all too familiar role of rabound guy once again. For some twisted reason girls entrust their deepest secrets and fears to me, but they can't see me as possible love-interest. I've stopped being surprised about it, it's happened too often.

In other news: the big national lottery mega-super-duper jackpot that I was hoping to win (yeah, right ;)) has been won in a village roughly 150 km from me. Which means I won't win it. Which means I'll have to wait a little longer with
- paying my parents back
- getting a new car
- upgrading my PC
- buying a new laptop
- finding a new apartment
- installing car navigation
- quitting my job
- starting a home studio

Bleh, gloomy mood. Time to finish my glass of wine, go to bed, get up, get car fixed, drive to Maastricht and spend 9 days with old friends.
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