September 19th, 2006

Rob is standard


Still in Turkey, mood has lightened along with the contents of our wallets. Iron bars will be installed on friday, mom's birthday. Freaky birthday present, but we'll be going out for dinner with a whole bunch of friends to celebrate. And then at 3am there'll be a taxi to bring us back to the airport.

Went to the Hamam, the turkish traditional bathhouse yesterday. Sauna, cold bath, sauna, full body scrub, full body foambath, facial mudmask and thorough full body massage (My spine said Snap, Crackle & Pop!) all for 15 euro. The rest of the day I lay zombified on the beach and dinner was shamelessly pigging out at my parents' favorite restaurant. Their personal waiter even gave us a ride home in the company van and refused any kind of tip. Nice guy.

What else? Visited the turkish barber. Damn those guys are thorough. They even cut your nasal hairs and BURN AWAY any hair sticking out of your ears. After that, Slick Rob went out for a night on the town, but going all by yourself isn't that much fun. I mostly walked around checking out all the discos that were closed last time I visited Alanya. Had a few beers, didn't attempt any flirting. For that matter, I find it impossible to smile to a girl, let alone have a chat with her, when you're with your parents. Know what I mean?
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