September 9th, 2006

Rob is standard


Two more working days. I've just been informed it's 34 degrees in Alanya. Bloody heck.

So yesterday I had the working-lunch with colleague Dick. I told him about my problems at work and the difficulty in communicating with the boss. I get the feeling that the boss has already made up his mind about me, even though I've only been at the company for half a year and still have half a year to go. We've talked about a lot of things, but still 95% was has-to-be-done all has to come from my plate. I've decided that first of all, I'm going to enjoy my holiday. And when I get back I'm going to start making more decisions without first trying to consult the boss or others. It's time I grew a backbone. Furthermore I'm going to make a list of things I still want to do or change and discuss it with the boss. He needs to know that I want to fight to keep my job, that I still have a lot of ideas and that we seriously need to work on our communication. After that, I want to sit down with Chef and talk about the grudges between the kitchen staff and the waiting staff.

So before I can do all that, first of all I must write everything down. I want to be prepared when I go into those talks. You can bet your last penny that it's gonna be an intense few weeks when I get back from holiday. I deserve another chance.

In other work-related news: just when me and my colleague were so glad that the kitchenteam was finally complete again, one of the cooks got to hear that his contract isn't renewed due to his inability to work tidily and the fact that he manages to pick a verbal fight with someone every other day. Yes, said cook could be a pain in the ass, but still, his lay-off came as a little bit of a surprise. So now the kitchen is one pair of hands short again. Ergh.

But enough about work. I'm getting ready for sun, turkish food, shooting pool with dad, flirting in the disco and generally enjoying myself both with and without parents. I should be packing my bags, but I'm lazy. I'm considering starting every day with a cold shower. I've been told it gives you a lot of energy for the coming day. And I should stop skipping breakfast.
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