April 23rd, 2006

Rob is standard


In bed: 2.30 am
Out of bed: 8.30 am
Reason: The annual Elf Fantasy Fair, Europe's largest Fantasy convention.

After all the hassle of getting there (the ever gorgeous castle De Haar) and getting the car parked, I walked onto the castle grounds and made my first round. Shops, shops, shops, stage, signing area, shops, food, shops and an open air theatre. Not much different from last year :) It was already quite crowded despite the early hour and the colder-than-expected temperature. Lots of people in costumes: goths, dragons, demons, sorcerers, elfs, hobbits, etc.). Black seems to be the dominant colour every year, so I decided to stand out and go in white with a red tie and a dark grey 'gilet' vest, so I was somewhat dressed to this years' theme: Neo-Barok (Think Jules Verne). Just before 1pm I was phoned back to the entrance to welcome the ever gorgeous _graywolf_ (Sie hat viel Karakter und Verstand :-p) and her friends ringtailed, longmane and khakidoggy, lateron joined by Seamus as well (hope I got that right). The six of us strolled around, and got stopped frequently along the way when people wanted to take pictures of Graywolf, who cannot help but draw attention with that 55 cm. waist corset of hers. And she loves every second of it, don'tcha hon? :D

Before we knew it, we'd strolled around the area twice, took pictures, nibbled a bit, spoke with old friends, laughed at bad costumes, kept our wallets tightly shut (with the exception of Gray who snatched the latest Omnia CD) and noticed the weather getting darker. So we said our goodbyes and all went our seperate ways again. At home I checked out my new Knightmare Chess game (bought it earlier this week), ate Chinese food with Rick and together we watched 3 Rome episodes and drank a bottle of red wine. Mmm.

Oh, Gray, look what I found in online archives: Look for Prachtige Korsetten

And for anyone who wants to see what they missed: Links to lots of photos from today
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