July 5th, 2005

Rob is standard

5 working days to go

Sunday: Workworkwork, then drove to _graywolf_ to pick up the neglected hare that she repaired. If you haven't seen the pictures: she did a great job, now the hare looks like she could jump away at any moment again. The rest of the night was spent watching Duncan (her ferret) in action and two more episodes of Carnivale. Another thing she got me hooked on apart from Absinthe :) So I talked her into letting me rip her season 1 box set onto my laptop and in exchange she borrowed my Storyteller DVD's. Then the hare and me went home.

Monday: Slept in, yay! Got out of bed, watched a bit of the Tenth Kingdom miniseries, then two more Carnivale episodes and then I finally gathered the energy to clean up my room. At least... part of it. All laundry and such is sorted now, so it's just the pile of paperwork on my desk that I need to tackle. Will probably be on wednesday. Drove new roomie Stefan to town so he could catch a bus and I seized the opportunity to visit a small Turkish supermarket that I normally drive past. Once inside I felt like I was back on holiday in Turkey. Only thing missing was the Efes beer. :) Walked out with some nice lamb meat, apple tea, watermelon and Turkish bread. Mmm. Then around 9pm roomie Rick came home and together we decided to tackle the mountain of junk in our storage room. Cleared out a pile of cardboard, restructured the place so now it can be used for decent storage again. If Rick manages to get rid of his old couch that's taking up a large piece of the room, we might have enough space to turn the storage room into a gameroom with a pooltable and a dartboard :D To reward ourselves we watched Kung Fu Hustle, leaving us roaring with laughter. Go see that movie, got my seal of approval!

And now here I am in bed, trying to get some sleep. Early shift again tomorrow. Wednesday off, then 4 more days until holiday. Plans are slowly coming together but there's always time and room for more visits. Gotta catch up on my social life...
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