June 27th, 2005

Rob is standard


I survived another week!
Yesterday was the closing of the schooltrip season, which we celebrated with a BBQ and a disco. During the BBQ you could see all the departments grouping up (typical...). There's the officeteam, there's the roman era-team, there's the food&beverage staff, etc. It wasn't until after the food that there was some mingling. Most older staff went home immediately (can't blame them, everyone tries to avoid Boss) but the young 'uns stayed for the booze, music and chat. I for one joined the romans outside on the forum for a friendly game of roman rugby, the only difference being that the ball was a sack of sand. Got blood on my shirt (not mine, nyah) but ended up with a big bruise on the inside of my arm. Manly men doing menly things, heh. Then it was time to dance, with the added bonus of the prehistoric team bringing some drums along and banging away with the music. I had a hard time dancing on my bare feet. Funny coworkers hid my socks and shoes while I was out rugbying. Found them back eventually, but anyway....

The best thing that night was finding out that this particular girl from the roman era (whom I've secretly been admiring for a while now) is single again. She used to date one of the gladiators, but they broke up... in February! Gods, why does it take me 4 months to discover that?! Chatted and danced a bit with her that night, nothing more. Hope she got the signals that I fancy her.

And so 11pm came around, end of party. I was the unlucky guy that had to close shop, but fortunately everyone invited me to the afterparty in a club in town. Arrived there at 12.30 and danced the night away until 2.30am. She wasn't there though, too bad.

And today I slept in (FINALLY!) and watched a few episodes of CSI (Season 4, first half, including the infamous Fur And Loathing episode). Now it's nearing 6pm. Time to do something useful with my life. No interesting jobs in the papers, so tomorrow: more work.

On a different note: how do you arrange con-badges? Does everyone make their own? Does a convention provide you with one on the first day? Oh, and thaily, I'd love to see the in-between. You can send it to my hobbyserver mail.
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