June 21st, 2005

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In case you didn't know yet, I'm a music lover. Couldn't live without it. And I'm also dutch. And dutch people can be quite chauvinistic at times. Therefor I'm now going to attempt to cook up a list of recommended dutch songs and artists for non-dutchies to try out and enjoy. Happy searching, downloading and listening.


Anouk - Nobody's wife
Golden Earring - Radar love / When the lady smiles / Twilight zone
George Baker Selection - Little green bag [featured in Reservoir Dogs]
Kane - Rain down on me / Something to say
Racoon - Happy Family / Feels like flying
Krezip - I would stay / (I want you) out of my bed
Total touch - Touch me here / Somebody else's lover


2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This
DJ Tiesto - Traffic
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - Dreams
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall
Dj Jean - Love come home


Beef - Late night sessions (reggae/ska)
Within Temptation - Ice Queen / Stand my ground (gothic rock)
Ilse de Lange - I'd be yours / World of hurt (country)

That's all I can think of right now. Other dutchies are free to add to the list.

In totally unrelated adult news: Don't leave home without it.

And Sin City rocks.
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