June 20th, 2005

Rob is standard

You had to be there

And tonight my evening had the following ingredients:

_graywolf_, overheated ferret, my first ever glass of (mediocre) Absinthe, the first Carnivale episode, sex-ed in the eighties, a surprisingly light badger, mead, Tarot Decks and a sketchbook I forgot. Doh!

So, we'll see if the hare I brought her can be fixed, and eventually I'll go pick her up (the hare ;) and take the sketchbook and blanket along. Yeah, I forgot the blanket as welll. The drive home was interesting. Did I mention I tried Absinthe? If I read this back in the morning I'll either laugh my ass off or feel deeply ashamed.

Rob is standard

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It's 32 degrees Celcius. Sun's beating down mercilessly. While people are either in their AC'd offices or at the beach, I'm at home behind my laptop. Even though I live 2 miles from the beach. I guess I hate leaving the security of my home. Plus I prefer hiding in the anonimity of the intarweb over facing actual people.

Am I becoming a recluse?
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