June 9th, 2005

Rob is standard

To be do done

Lessee, what did I manage to do with my three days off in a row? (Oh joy, oh bliss)

- Got a haircut
- Got a new roommate starting next month. We have a verbal agreement, but I won't rest assured until the first rent is paid.
- Bought BILLY, a bookcase to go with my two BENNO CD-towers. Now I have a total of three BENNO's and two BILLY's, all of which can be linked together to create a big CD/DVD/Book/PS2 wall in a possible future home
- Got the mega foodstore membercard. Bought a small tub of Australian icecream there to celebrate. (It's the name of the brand, the ice cream doesn't actually come from the country Australia)
- Visited Pegla and Skunktaur, where I cooked, watched Robot Chicken, played a little Amplitude and showed them some Robin Williams Live on Broadway. Oh, and I bought them a famous picture as a gift for their new home. And a speed camera caught me on the way back home. Stupid.

Still no rebalanced tires.
Today I spent too much time on World of Warcraft. Normally dungeons don't really interest me, but Gnomeregan kicks butt. Huge and with a cool background story. Poor gnomes.
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Rob is standard

Notebook springcleaning

AdAware: 2 tracking files
Spybot Search & Destroy: 1 data miner

So far so good.

Registry Mechanic: 156 problems found.

I'll let Norton do a full virus sweep during the night. If anything interesting shows up, I'll let you know ;)
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