June 5th, 2005

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Ow, my feet.

Yeah, I know, starting to sound like a mantra. I'm settling into an unsettling rhythm where you start to consider a 12 hour workingday as 'normal'. Eek. Maybe I should try again for storemanager at D-reizen, a national holidaybooking-agency. They've rejected me before (for trainer and management trainee), but I'll just keep on bombarding them, especially since the name of the recipient is never the same. An office-hour job sounds like heaven to me right now. Time for social stuff again. Checked out a musician-forum yesterday (muzikantenbank.nl) and discovered that there are at least three cover/partybands in the area looking for a singer. Argh. Wish I could apply. Under the current circumstances it's not gonna happen that I could get all the time off from work for rehearsals and gigs.

In other news, one of the national commercial radiostations (Veronica) is starting up a radio-DJ school where you can be trained by some of the big names in Holland. Problem is: maximum age 25. Argh again.

And since I still haven't won any lottery, I just keep on crawling back to the job. Today went surprisingly well, now only tomorrow to survive (we're expecting at least 2000 members of a dutch broadcasting company (KRO), but the weather won't be that good, so things might not turn out so bad in terms of stress. Monday and tuesday off. I've been selected for the dutch Opel Mega Testdrive, so from monday to thursday morning, I'll be driving a brand new Opel Tigra Twintop cabriolet, which of course I need to show off to someone.

That's all for now. Time to drift into vegetable-state.
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