May 25th, 2005

Rob is standard

Bomb - fuse - defuse

Sometimes I hate the fact that my opinion can be easily swayed

"I'll just have a salad"
- "Don't you want a double whopper with cheese?"
"Oh, alright, gimme one of those too."

This wasn't an actual conversation, but it gives the idea of how easily I can be influenced at times. That's also why I still can't decide whether to vote for or against the new European Constitution. And this flaw of mine once almost cost me 4500 guilders when I was tricked into joining a pyramid MultiLevel Marketing scheme. Luckily my dad sat me straight and helped me ignore all further contact from those frauds.

But yeah, yesterday saw another example. Boss sent out a memo to me and my two co-managers with a whole list of Things To Be Done Immediately, along with a sour note that he blamed us for lack of motivation. In his eyes, working 60 hours a week is normal, and that's what he expects of us as well. So he thought up this idea of working 'on the floor' from 9 to 6, then spending another 4 hours in office to take care of other things. Needless to say, the three of us didn't take well to this idea, and all of us considered quitting. It suffices to say that our 'motivation' yesterday sank to an alltime low, also since we've BEEN working 50-60 hours a week for the last month or so.

And so we gathered our courage, held our anger in check and confronted him last night. He's just too blind to see how much work we've already done and only focuses on the things that HAVEN't been done yet. Well, we managed to get apologies out of him. And compliments. To be honest he was probably sweettalking his way out of the situation, but he surely got the point of our message. He even promised to take all three of us out to dinner. I just can't understand this guy. At least I hope this little chat has put him in his place for a few weeks. If I survive June, I can survive everything. And visit EF.

Enough work, what else? Went to Amsterdam, saw Episode 3 in Tuschinski (Holland's most gorgeous cinema), spent cash at the American Book Center (Mostly on the Spycraft Roleplaying game in the bargain bin), ate falafel, went home. Watched Memento (LOVED IT!) and slowly watched time go by these past weeks. Parents flew off for holiday to Turkey, li'l brother switched jobs and was treated to a stripper on his last night at the old job. Now he's a chef in one of the trendy bars in Eindhoven. Good for him.

Meanwhile Roomie Rick and I are seriously considering moving. Still no third roommate, still paying too much ourselves. No suitable or affordable homes are found through either social housing or realtors. If anyone knows a place with at least two seperate bedrooms in the Noordwijk-Leiden-Den Haag area, all help is appreciated. Same goes for help with finding me a less stressful job ;)