April 30th, 2005

Rob is standard

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Just got home, worked too hard, understaffed, aiee.
Must shower, change clothes, go out to meet roommate for celebrating Queen's Day, even though I'm not in the mood.
Also: too little energy to make the drive to Pegla's new home and back, especially since parents arrive tomorrow morning at 10 with two new couches for me.
If I'm wise, I stay home and clean house. Rick said he MIGHT clean the bathroom. He didn't clean it. Need to make room for new couches, old couch must go to storage room, but that's still filled with junk from ex-roomie Dennis, who still owes us cash.
If I don't go meet Rick, he'll pester me for the next few days about how I never go out, guilttripping me.
I also feel sorry for not going to Pegla and Skunktaur, since I promised to help, but in the end didn't make good on my promise.

At moments like these, I wish cloning were safe and legal.
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